Silverfern has a unique, direct, co-control investment strategy, investing on behalf of both institutions and more than 65 of the world’s largest and most sophisticated multi-billion-dollar single family offices

Founded in 2001, Silverfern is amongst the few truly global middle-market, multi-asset class, investment management firms in the world today. Led by founding Principals Reeta K. Holmes and Clive R. Holmes, the Firm invests on behalf of both institutional investors and a network of more than 65 of the world’s largest and most sophisticated multi-billion-dollar single family offices, and has a global partnership with the Citibank Private Bank.

Through its offices in New York, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Sydney, Silverfern makes direct investments in middle market private equity, real estate and private debt globally.

  • Focus in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific;
  • Unique Insight through Silverfern’s global investor network;
  • Local, in 23 countries.

While typically a primary deal originator, Silverfern does not sole-lead every investment that it sources. Instead, Silverfern’s investment strategy seeks to mitigate systemic risk in its portfolio by pursuing attractive risk-adjusted returns on a global basis, while at the same time seeking to manage local/market risk through its strategy to partner with non-traditional, local, investment partners on each of its investments.

  • Bringing more than just capital to the table;
  • Low correlation investing, leading to Portfolio Alpha.

By partnering with investors and managers with deep industry and local knowledge, Silverfern can understand and uncover value where other investors may not be able to see it, developing deep investment insight and acting as a globally diversified industry specialist, clearly distinct from generalist firms and investors.

Silverfern’s global orientation allows us to leverage the industry expertise of our investment partners, and to capitalize on differences in industry cycles across geographic regions.

Silverfern By The Numbers

Silverfern believes its strongest competitive advantage is the Firm’s extensive networks of relationships, that provide private, off-market information flows and access to attractive, non-correlated investment opportunities.

  • A network of 65+ multi-billion-dollar SFOs in over 20 countries spanning five continents;
  • 50+ Fortune 1000 CEO-level operating executives on the Silverfern Advisory Board;
  • A global partnership with the Citibank Private Bank; and,
  • 13 senior investment partners in Silverfern’s offices in New York, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Sydney.

Silverfern seeks to preserve capital and to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns through growth and operational improvement, by investing substantial capital in partnership with leading investors and world-class management.

  • Manage the Micro – Work the assets in our portfolio;
  • Survive the Macro – Take advantage when others fail.