We have built a diverse portfolio of market-leading businesses and assets with a focus on long-term value creation

Our Investments

Silverfern employs an active diversification strategy to generate superior risk-adjusted returns, seeking to mitigate systemic risk through geographic diversification, while managing market risk through industry and asset class diversification. Silverfern partners with non-traditional, in-market, on-the-ground, locally expert investment partners in every investment we make. By partnering with investors who we know and trust well, we can effectively be “local” in everything we do globally.

Silverfern believes that its ability to understand complex situations by drawing on the industry specialization and deep local market knowledge embedded in its two global information networks, and to apply multiple transaction structures to address such opportunities, enables it to develop deep investment insights and to act as a globally diversified industry and asset specialist, avoiding competition from both strategic and financial buyers, and clearly distinguishing Silverfern from generalist firms and investors.

Silverfern has demonstrated expertise in a wide variety of transaction structures and acquisition scenarios, including most recently take private transactions (e.g., SAI Global Ltd (ASX), APR Energy plc (LSE) and Club Méditerranée SA (EPA)), broken auctions (e.g., IKKS and Broad River), company owners seeking financial partners that can help maximize their future exit valuations (e.g., Waste Services Group, IKKS and CSS), uncovering unique value (e.g., APR Energy and Broad River), off-market investments with attractive risk/reward characteristics (e.g., Broad River, Waste Services Group and Tempo Riverpark) and the formation of new entities to exploit episodic opportunities (e.g., LocusPoint and Sequitur Energy).

Private Equity

We have 11 companies in our current Private Equity portfolio, based in 5 countries, with operations spanning the globe.

APR Energy is the world’s leading provider of fast-track, mobile turbine power.

Broad River is an 878MW dual-fuel, simple-cycle gas turbine electric power plant strategically located 40 miles from Charlotte, NC, USA.

Club Méditerranée S.A. is one of the world’s largest providers of luxury all-inclusive holiday resort vacations through owned, leased, or managed villages located throughout the world.

CSS Corp. is a leading global provider of integrated technology support services and carrier services.

Continental Bakeries is the largest European producer and distributor of private label baked goods.

IKKS is a leading French ready-to-wear brand with a unique position in the “casual chic” segment of the European premium and affordable luxury apparel market.

LocusPoint Networks LLC was formed to acquire U.S. television broadcasters, and currently owns several television stations in the United States.

O-Tex Holdings, Inc. provides cementing services and pump down services to the North American oil and gas industry.

SAI Global is a global risk management solutions and information solutions provider, with fifty one (51) offices in twenty nine (29) countries worldwide.

Sequitur Energy Resources, LLC is a an oil and gas exploration and production company, which was formed to opportunistically consolidate under-exploited U.S. onshore oil and gas assets.

Waste Services Group provides diversified waste collection services in Australia.

Real Estate

We have 3 investments in our current Real Estate portfolio based in 2 countries.

New Energy Venture was formed to acquire or develop multi-family and commercial real estate assets located in geographic markets which are impacted by U.S. energy exploration and production activities.

OCP Dutch Residential Platform was formed to acquire certain multi-family real estate assets located in the Netherlands.

Tempo RiverPark is a new 235 unit Class-A apartment community located in Oxnard, California.