Silverfern’s Investor Intelligence: The blending of global reach with local market knowledge

Silverfern believes its strongest competitive advantage is the Firm’s extensive networks of relationships, built up over the past 15 years, that provide both private, off-market information flows spanning both markets and industries and access to attractive, non-correlated investment opportunities. Silverfern acts as a primary deal originator by combining these distinctive information flows and resources with the networks of its partners, enabling it to identify significant dislocations between value and price in companies and assets whose source of dislocation or underperformance is either temporary or controllable, and allowing Silverfern to act as a local investor in seeking global private equity, real estate, and private debt investment opportunities. We actively diligence, select and manage our investments to generate superior risk-adjusted investment returns for our investors.

Silverfern’s Global Investor Network

Silverfern’s investor network includes both institutions and more than 65 of the world’s largest and most sophisticated multi-billion-dollar single family offices, and spans 23 countries around the globe. Whether an opportunity is being evaluated in Singapore or France, Panama or California, Silverfern has local, on-the-ground resources we can draw on for diligence, market intelligence and expertise. Our network is the largest of its kind in the world, and gives us a strategic advantage over both passive and “non-local” investors.

Silverfern’s demonstrated ability to creatively partner with non-traditional and/or strategic partners is another deep source of highly-differentiated deal flow that more traditional, less flexible, capital providers may struggle to access.

The Silverfern Advisory Board

Silverfern’s operating manager network, the Silverfern Advisory Board, is comprised of more than 50 Fortune 1000 CEOs and senior operating executives – an unparalleled platform of deep operational and local market insight into the companies and assets we are considering as investment opportunities. This breadth of operating experience allows us to diversify our portfolio across industries and asset classes, acting as a globally diversified industry or asset specialist, clearly distinct from generalist firms and investors.

Global Partnership with the Citi Private Bank

Silverfern has a global partnership with Citibank to provide non-traditional, direct equity investment opportunities to the Citi Private Bank’s largest and most sophisticated UHNW clients worldwide, giving us direct access to the global in-market reach of one of the world’s largest banks.