The Silverfern Advisory Board: Investing in industries we deeply understand

The Silverfern Advisory Board (SAB) is an exclusive forum that enables more than 50 Fortune 1000 (or similar) CEOs and senior operating executives from across industry sectors to identify, build and grow great companies on a global basis. Members of the SAB have seasoned track records of managerial and business success from around the world. They are typically in, have recently held, or have retired from senior executive management roles in companies across most major industrial groups that range in size from $100 million to more than $10 billion of annual revenue.

Investing in Industries We Deeply Understand

Silverfern draws on the operational experience of the Silverfern Advisory Board to ensure that we only invest in industries that we deeply understand. By bringing an experienced manager – with a demonstrated and diligenced track record of success in a specific industry – directly onto the Silverfern investment team evaluating each investment, we bring strategic insight and local market knowledge to our investment process. While most deals look good on a spreadsheet – there is always more than just the numbers to be considered – it is the years of deep local operating experience that tell us if the spreadsheet should be believed.

Originating Opportunities Others Won’t See

We work closely with the members of the SAB to identify companies and assets that may be acquired in off-market, non-auction situations, and to cut through apparent complexity that might prevent others from seeing how value can be added. Combined with Silverfern’s Global Investor Network, the SAB is a powerful tool for non-traditional investment origination, and allows Silverfern to creatively structure its investments to meet its partners’ needs, acting as a globally diversified industry specialist, clearly distinct from generalist firms and investors.

Adding Value to Our Investments

Our SAB managers might then step in to run a company we have invested in, or may take an executive or non-executive board role to help enhance our investment returns. We believe this value-added active management (Silverfern is always represented on the boards of its portfolio companies) sharply differentiates us from purely passive financial co-investors.