Alexander Zucker

Managing Director

Alexander is a Managing Director of Silverfern and brings over 20 years of strategic investment advice experience to the Silverfern team. Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Alexander is working with both major institutions as well as significant family office investor relationships of Silverfern.

Prior to Silverfern, Alexander served as an Independent Strategic Advisor and Investor to several European and Asian institutions, including Freshvalley Landgraaf B.V., Landgraaf (Netherlands), Petro Singapore Trading PTE, (Singapore), and Horizon21 Alternative Investments AG, Pfäffikon/SZ (Switzerland), before which he was an Executive Director in the Investment Management Division (PWM) of Goldman, Sachs & Co., in Frankfurt, Germany.

Alexander studied at the Kepler-Gymnasium, in Pforzheim (Germany), and earned his Masters of Business Administration degree (Lic. Oec. HSG, Finance & Accounting (MBA), cum laude) from University of St. Gallen (HSG), St. Gallen (Switzerland).