Direct Real Estate:

Silverfern makes value-added, opportunistic real estate investments supported by our strong working knowledge of the operations of real estate assets

Investment Strategy

Silverfern makes direct real estate equity investments in partnership with leading real estate operating partners, sophisticated family offices, institutional real estate owners and leading private equity firms, in the recapitalization and acquisition of real estate assets and companies around the world. Our focus is on value-added, opportunistic real estate investments throughout the capital structure.

Our target investments include all real estate asset classes, including multi-family, retail, office, industrial and hospitality. These investments may take the form of portfolios of assets, real estate operating companies, investments into the GP side of equity transactions (yielding the ability to share in the promote and/or fees), and club investments with other like-minded investors into real estate strategies or platforms, and Silverfern-led investments.

Each of our investments is supported by our strong working knowledge of the operations of real estate assets, and an understanding of what attracts long term tenancies, which ultimately creates value. We seek to identify undervalued, high growth, complex or distressed opportunities that have the potential to become market-leading assets or companies.

We employ an active diversification strategy, seeking to mitigate systemic risk through geographic diversification and to manage market risk through asset-class diversification, in all cases partnering with experienced local operators.

Our target investment size in Direct Real Estate is US$15 million to US$75 million per deal.

Strength through Partnership

Consistent with Silverfern’s strategy as a global direct co-control investor, we partner with sophisticated investors and local management teams in all of our Direct Real Estate investments. Our real estate company, family office and financial sponsor investment partners include Monday Properties, Carlyle Group, Orange Capital Partners, Heitman International Properties, and The Wolff Company.


Industries in our Direct Real Estate portfolio today include Energy-related real estate and hospitality.

Our current Direct Real Estate portfolio includes 1 multi-asset platform investment, and 1 global private equity real estate hospitality investment, and may be viewed here.

Our current Private Equity portfolio can be viewed here.